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Members help others by posting how to use VPSSIM.
 #2084  by leonardoap
 07 Sep 2018 01:14
Hi when i try to create ssl certificate, vpssim looks for a www.domain.com and does not fount it as log below, but the thing is that i created a www A IP but still not working. and if you go to browser it resolv normally www.boliviastock.com by the way im using powerdns with poweradmin and the it is set
www.boliviastock.com IN A <MY_IP>

Code: Select all
Check Domain ENABLE cloudflare (Hide IP Address) or NOT ? 
Check boliviastock.com
boliviastock.com does not Enabled Cloudflare. => [ OK ]
Check www.boliviastock.com
www.boliviastock.com do not ENABLED Cloudflare. => [ OK ]
Check DNS for Domain:
You must point www.boliviastock.com to Server's IP 
before run this function.
Check result:
Host www.boliviastock.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
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