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  • Update VPSSIM Main Source Code

Update VPSSIM Main Source Code
 #2732  by nguyenoanh
 13 Oct 2018 15:27
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List update for version

+ Added notification Business Code stopped due to violation of rules when register business on new VPS
BMAX code only use for personal. If more than 1 person use, that code will be disabled.

+ Support Google PageSpeed Module in Google PageSpeed Manage

Using this to increase website Speed.

+ Update Backup To VPS Backup function

Support choose backup everyday or everyweek

And support re-config it.

+ Update Auto Backup ALL Websites and Auto Backup All Databases

Now, user can choose Auto backup everyday or every week.

+ Many other updates

Support re-config many config you did: Auto backup 1 website, auto backup 1 database, auto backup all websites, auto backup all database ....

+ fixed other small bugs.
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